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Read how to order cannabis products for adult use and medicinal purposes, our requirements and other information below.

The process for ordering marijuana weed and cannabis products at Herbology.
Covid and Social Distancing

Herbology maintains vigilant oversight over the influence of Covid-19 on our operational sphere in Stanislaus County. Our stores undergo regular disinfection to prevent the virus’s propagation. Whether in-store or during delivery, our Bud-Tenders don masks, and we’ve introduced touch-free procedures for both delivery and curbside pickup.

When visiting our stores, we kindly ask patrons to wear masks throughout their stay and maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet from fellow customers. Your collaboration is greatly appreciated.

Are ID's required?

Each visit for product procurement necessitates the presentation of a valid government ID. This serves to authenticate your identity within our systems and ensures exclusive utilization of your loyalty points. Prior to placing a delivery order, we kindly request that you visit one of our stores with your ID to enroll as a Herbology member. Subsequently, we will be able to fulfill your delivery requirements accordingly.

What are Stanislaus County purchase limits?

Purchase limits remain consistent across different regions in California, differing only when a customer obtains a medical recommendation.

Within California (CA): For recreational purposes, a retailer is authorized to vend:

  • Flower: 28.5 grams per day
  • Concentrated Cannabis: 8 grams per day
  • Immature cannabis plants: 6 plants per day

In the case of medical consumption, a patient or their primary caregiver holds the entitlement to procure:

  • Flower: 8 ounces per day
  • Immature cannabis plants: 12 plants per day
  • An amount of medicinal cannabis appropriate for the patient’s requirements, in line with a physician’s recommendation.

**It’s important to note that local jurisdictions might permit even higher limits.


CBD and THC originate as cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant, and they exert diverse effects on the body and mind that could influence your upcoming dispensary selection.

CBD and THC share a common fundamental chemical composition, consisting of 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms. However, the contrasting factor between CBD and THC lies in how THC induces a psychoactive state. As previously noted, these two cannabinoids manifest distinct impacts on the body. While THC is associated with altering the user’s mental state, CBD’s effects diverge. It doesn’t produce euphoria; instead, it tends to induce a sense of bodily relaxation in the user.

Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) Compliance

We continuously remain informed about the latest BCC regulations and prerequisites.

For access to the BCC’s Retail Requirements Hub, please click HERE.


On your first visit, your should bring your valid State I.D. or Passport and a valid California Cannabis Recommendation or MMIC, if necessary.

New patient requirements at Herbology cannabis dispensaries

More Information

Age Requirements

We are pleased to extend our services to individuals aged 21 and above. You are legally eligible to purchase cannabis products from any of our People’s Remedy establishments, including our delivery service. Kindly ensure that you furnish us with an official government identification (such as a driver’s license, passport, etc.) for verification purposes.

Services for Medical Use Customers

We take immense pride in serving individuals aged 18 and above who are “medical-use” customers. If you possess a Medical Cannabis Patient Identification Card issued by the California Department of Health Services, you are exempt from paying California state sales tax on medical cannabis products (although the excise tax and city tax still remain applicable).

Requirements for Caregivers

If you are acting as a Caregiver, it is essential to submit a ‘designation of caregiver’ form issued by the patient’s treating physician. When arranging a pickup order with us, kindly make sure to place the order under the patient’s name and inform your budtender that you are the designated Caregiver.

Payment Methods

We are pleased to announce that we now accept Debit Cards as a payment option. While we currently primarily accept cash payments, you can conveniently use our onsite ATM to withdraw funds for your purchase (with a withdrawal limit of $400).

Daily Limits of Purchases

Starting from January 1, 2018, in accordance with California state law, individuals for adult-use are permitted to buy a maximum of one ounce (28.5 grams) of cannabis flower, eight grams of concentrated cannabis, and six clones (immature plants) daily. For those using cannabis for medical purposes, the allowable quantities are up to eight ounces of flower, eight grams of concentrated cannabis, and 12 clones (immature plants) per day.

Tested and Safe Cannabis Products

Both the THC/CBD gummies and the range of cannabis products available at People’s Remedy have undergone thorough testing for safety and potency through an independent third-party laboratory.


Taxes are levied by both the state of California and the local city government. All legally operating dispensaries are subject to these taxes, which are then passed on to consumers. While many dispensaries incorporate taxes into their displayed prices, we believe in transparency and want our customers to understand the tax breakdown within the cost. Moreover, those with a valid medical recommendation or a state-issued medical-cannabis ID card might be eligible for reduced taxes.

  • Excise Tax (15%): The state of California enforces a 15% excise tax on all cannabis products, without any exceptions.
  • City Taxes (5-10%): Each City or County where we operate applies a local tax, contributing to local government initiatives.
  • CA Sales Tax (8-12%): The State of California imposes a sales tax of 7.25% on all retail purchases, with the potential for additional local jurisdictional rates. (Medical patients meeting qualifications are exempt).
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